Hey Wayne, just wondering if you had ever thought about adding a forum for those who want to share their progress on there "little" projects? I know a lot of folks in here have complete bugs but there are a lot of us here who are doing some major projects. I've got 2 going now, one of which is a bus, but a project none the less. I know the site is growing everyday and I thought it may be a nice addition. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

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If you think it's a good idea then let's get it going. What does everyone else think? Any suggestions for a name?

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I like it. How about "Works in progress"
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Go for it
Rob J

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Ya do it

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I've added a "Work in Progress" forum and an "Air-Cooled Classifieds - Wanted" forum to make it easier to look through the ads.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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