I'm about to take possession of a 73 Superbeetle.  I'm getting it for the rock bottom price of $500, and may try to get her down further still.  My problem is this:  in the process of a clutch replacement, someone tried to hotwire and steal the car.  Imagine the frustration they must have felt, as the engine was on the ground in front of the vehicle.  Due to this, the car has some electrical problems, and the mechanic (not a volks specialist) didn't know enough about wiring to get it going again, so it's been sitting for about 2 years.


My question is this:  Should I try to rewire everyting, or as I'm leaning, just buy a 68-69 loom and just run a basic electrical system.  I have no plans to restore/hotrod it at this point, I'm just looking for good reliable transportation.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Well, I would try to rewire the parts that have been tampered with, check out this site for a wiring diagram so you know where the wires should go. http://www.vintagebus.com/wiring/index.html This is a great resource that I personally refer to every time I have a problem. You may have to replace the ignition switch if it was damaged in the heist. If I remember correctly, thay aren't very expensive. Congrats and good luck with your super!

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I would go for a new wiring loom..


if You aren't really good with wiring etc.... the new loom does make it much easier....

The wiring diagrams for the 1303S aren't that easy to follow [I find]...

or You could try it first, if You can fix it OK.... If not....

put the new wiring loom in.....


Best of Luck...


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