I was just curious, by any chance does anyone know of any wiper systems that can be converted for a bug?  Where I live it rains a fairly good amount so it's always tough on the highway to see and somehow using "the force" just doesn't cut it.  So I was just wondering if there was any way to improve it.

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Are you looking into installing different wiper motor, or what?

Mr. Rico Suave...
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What year bug do you have? The `70 and later setup is more than adequate when in good condition, and the `70/`71 stuff can be retrofit into any `65-`69 Beetle with a 12V system.
If you have a Super, you've already got it so if they're too slow they need work. 90% of the time it's dried-up, caked grease in the pivots - on these later cars they can be dismantled, cleaned, and relubricated, and new ones are still available for most earlier applications. 
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