I ordered a windshield for my 1972 Super Beetle.  The glass shop delivered one with a slight curve in it.  I told them it was wrong so they took it back, ordered another one, installed it and it has a slight curve in it.  I recall that the windshield was flat but folks at the shop are arguing that I am wrong.


I had a guy come out and install it anyway and it "fits" but the seal does not cover the long metal clips on the inside (sorry - don't know the correct terminology).  Also, the lower corners don't seem to seal all the way.  The guy that came out would not let me pay him for his time because he said it was not a good job.


My question's are:

1. really flat or slightly curved?

2. wrong seal?  I ordered it from a VW dealer on-line.  It was supposed to be a German seal -  not Brazilian.




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I'd go back and retrace all the steps. Double check the glass with another supplier to see how they list the glass for the 71-72 1302 Super Beetle. Contact the on-line supplier of the windshield seal and see if they supplied the correct one. I thought that the glass on the 1302 Beetle (flat glass) was the same as the Standard Beetle but an on-line parts listing says that it's not

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I had to put a new windshield in my 72' super, and it is slightly curved, but as for the other problems, my metal strips were taken off previosly and it fits perfectly, but i cannot vouch for this method, i never had the metal strips on, but nothing seemed like it needed them before i put the windshield in.



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Even my '69 windshield has a slight curve to it. My '61 doesn't. I am not sure when they curved it, I would guess in '68, you have to look really closely to notice it
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