Okay, I saw this post in the Standard forum, but I'd like to know what the bottle looks like for a 73 Super. My bug didn't have one when I bought it, and I'd like to avoid the 'universal' bottles I've seen for sale. I think I know where it mounts, but I would like to know for sure, any help?

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On the Super the bottle is mounted on the passengers side of the trunk in a circular bracket. It's about 14" long and will not fit in a standard beetle. It works the same though. Airline connected to the spare tire. Pretty slick setup.

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I see these bottles for sale all the time on Samba and ebay. I have a 73 if you want I could snap a photo and post here.  It works off the spare tire pressure.  The tricky part is the switch to turn it on and off when it springs a leak it's a pain.  I replaced all that with and electric pump and a small switch on the dash.


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see the details at http://www.webwrench.com/airaccess/
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Looks like a pill.

73 Super Beetle
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