I bought some Gila window tint...great for side windows..piece of cake...went to back window ('76 bug)..(glass out).....major pain due to compound curves...cut film into 12 strips..looks like doo-doo...any ideas guys?...thanks.. Larry
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For my back window, I used the static cling type tint. It was much easier. I have a few bubbles around the edge, but they are tiny and hard to see unless you are looking for them.
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 Boy you couldn't pay me to attempt that.  I've alway had a professional do mine and they get the curved back window perfect.

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Yeh Loren...I had the Mexican kids in Nogales do a few tint jobs for me..those guys are good...I live in upstate NY now...just try and find someone up here that can do a nice job....I think  I'll try Jeff's idea...(damn, I miss Arizona)...Larry

(if there is anyone out there who has any other ideas..please post)

Never teach a pig to sing. It cann't be done and it irritates the pig.
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I did My beetle windows excepting the REAR window...
after two tries, I Paid $100 to have it done...
which I thought was excessive.... lol
seeing the glass was out....
imagine doing it with the rear window in place...
there are auto tinters everywhere over here
and I've nveer had a bad job...
I see lots of cars covered in bubbles.. every window
and i always think, I hope they did that them selves.... lol
PS: I see that the special tools used are on ebay...lol

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