Hello all:

My ’74 Super is near completion, but I’m running into some difficulties and I have some questions.

1.    Has anyone replaced his or her outer window scraper and chrome trim before? I cannot get the piece to fit between the door and the window. I have pretty much destroyed the new part attempting to assemble.

2.    My front fenders do not match up perfectly with the body of the car. I had to do a bit of welding on them to repair holes. Small gaps allow the fender beading to push up a little. Has anyone used adhesive on the beading before?

3.    Does anyone have recommendations on where to buy custom rims? I would like to run wider wheels on the rear.



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You've touched on a subject that is very hard to do. Contact http://www.revolks.com and ask the owner over there. He once wrote me up the instructions on how to do it, but I've lost them and never got around to doing the job.

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I just attempted a outer scraper replacement on my '74 what a PITA  It is not perfect but at least my arm isn't being cut by the old jagged rubber.


If you have nice paint put masking tape around all the painted edges.  The blue stuff that is used for painting works best.  By the best parts you can afford, the brazillian ones don't fit worth a crap, mine is new but was bent a little

You have to remove the upper window felt to access the screw that holds in the wing window,  then it should pull out (be careful of the paint)
I loosened the window with the two bolts that hold it to the window regulator to allow for more working room. 

To get those pesky clips in I used alot of liquid wrench to lube up the holes(vaseline might work better because it stays put)

I just finished the drivers door and am dreading doing the passenger side
goes to show how unpleasant this job is!!!
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My biggest issue was room to insert the scraper clips and removal of the "wing" window. I did not know how to remove it. Thank you very much for the info. I'll order a German part and try again.
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