I know this has been talked about before, but I can't find anything with the search.  I've already decided to run disc brakes on the front of my super.  My question is which kit?  Empi or Topline?  I've heard very good reviews about the Topline kit, but my local parts guy sells the Empi kit.  They say they don't have problems out of their kits.  They get them directly from Empi.  I guess my real question is mail order or local guy.  I'd like to buy from him and do my small part to keep him in buisness, but I haven't heard too much about the Empi kits.  Post up opinions please.

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What kind of wheels do you have? I've heard of some fitment issues with the Empi kits and some aftermarket wheels (8 spokes and BRMs specifically). Calipers hit.  I'd go with the topline kit or the CB kit. Less headaches.

You might try a little digging on the samba and see if there's any more info.

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The clearance issue is usually wheel to balljoint and not a problem due to brake selection since 'most' of the kits on the market use the same offset spacing as stock.  This will be the case with the Topline and Empi kits.  Unless you specify a special rotor from Topline, the actual rotors will be the same,, I.E. Ghia rotors.
That said, go with Topline.  You may be supporting your local shop, but you're not supporting the innovators when you buy from EMPI.  I would much rather support a company like Topline that actually designed and manufactured their own product than a company that copied a design and had a Chinese factory reproduce it.  How exactly is that good for supporting the hobby in the long run?
Aside from that, Topline used much better caliper brackets, billet Al vs Cast steel, and they include EVERYTHING for the install process.  From DOT approved SS braided teflon brake lines to new wheel bearings and the correctly fitting bearing seals.  --Ryan

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Basically all disc brake kits will use the same caliper and rotor. The difference is the caliper braket, and Topline has steel brackets and I'm not sure about the others, but you can always order the brackets from Topline or fly to Europe and find disc brake spindles for a Super Beetle.

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