Hello, please help me, I have a new beetle of year 1975, the motor code is AS2579, but when I search my chasis number in the list (chasis number 115-2235324), the associated motor code start with "AJ".

How I know if my VW was made in Germany, USA or Mexico.

From Santiago, Chile.

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Open the trunk lid and on the front of the spare tire well should be a rectangular silver plate. That will tell you where the car was built.

You can also look on the tag on the left door jamb, that should also list the country where it was built.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Rog for your help, I will check my beetle this weekend.

But I hope that the forum will be patient with me, because I speak Spanish and my English level is too bad.

The beetle was sent to repair, but apparently it came back with a problem in the transmision.

The engine code is AS2579, and in the history list the chasis number are between "1152000001" and "1152600000", and this chasis number is associated with engine code between "AJ0000001" and "AJ0059664".

The engine code of my beetle, "AS2597", does not match in the list.

The doubt is if the engine was replaced and the mechanic problem is because the replace, or the engine code are fine and it is not in the list.

"Standard Beetle Sedan (Type 1) Model Information:

1975 Aug 74 - Jul 75 M/T 1600 "AJ0000001 - AJ0059664" "1152000001 - 1152600000"    Fuel injection replaces carburetor"

I found this in the net

And, down in the page, appear "AS" type motor, with this: "Sometimes listed as Super Beetle original case, '73-on".

And low this:

/ "AS" / 50CV / 37Kv / 1600 cc /

Thanks for your time.
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Non fuel injected Super Beetles in 1975 usually came with the AS engine.
and were for delivery to countries other than the United States.

You may have a Fuel Injected engine that was changed over to carburation sometime in it's life. Many owners did this when they did not have a mechanic who could maintain their Fuel Injection.

Since yours is a standard and not a Super Beetle your car may have been built in either Mexico or Germany.

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