Hey all, I just have some quick questions. First, any where I can get some wheel adaptors for my Super 4 bolt to a Honda 4 lug. Second, where can I get(stock look not Baja) fiberglass fenders and running boards on the internet. Thirdly, any one know bout those clear-vision headlights conversions to H4 bulbs! Thanx for your help, DAN74
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Machine 7 in the UK carries wheel adapters for the VW Beetle. You'd have to check with them to see if they go to 4 bolt 100mm, which is the Honda bolt pattern.

CIP1 carries an assortment that allows you to adapt your Beetle to Porsche, Ford, Chevy, 4 to 5 lug and visa versa.
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Hi there, Mark V Fibreglass do stock / flared standard and wide arches etc. they are located in Boulder City, NV. Great website.


73 Super Beetle, 1679cc, Twin Weber 36 idf's, A1 Phoenix exhaust system, Fibre Glass flared arches. This baby turns those heads.
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