I was contacted by a woman who's husband passed away last year. She wants to sell his 79 Beetle.

But it's just not another 79. It's a triple black Epilogue Beetle with 6000 original miles. Her husband was the original owner and she has all the paper work including the bill of sale and window sticker.

The car hasn't run in 3 years.

So... I suggested that she have a qualified VW mechanic go over the car and ensure it's in good running condition. Then have the mechanic wite and sign a letter stating the condition of the car.

That the best way to sell it is through a auction house. That way she doesn't have to deal with anyone.

What do you think?

And any idea what this car might be worth?

Any suggestions on auction companies? the car is located in New York City.
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This may be apples and oranges but Oldbug.com has a 1979 triple black cabriolet listed for $12,975.00. 

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Actually this one is closer in condition.



Gaveled @ (Sold): $20,100
# Bids: 45
Auction Date: 09 May 2004
Auction: ebay
Miles: 7,540
Engine: air-cooled 4 cyl boxer
Transmission: manual
Interior Color: black
VIN: 1592026853
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Looks like no matter what she won't lose any money.

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Barrett Jackson Auction, eBay or http://www.thesamba.com. I'm that Beetle will fetch over 20K in that kind of condition.

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