Hey there, first post.


My daughter found this bug on e-bay and had to have it. Said it looked so lonely!!


Got it home and have started an off the body restoration and have run into one problem I'm not sure on how to handle it.


Do I need to straighten this out and weld it back in place..or do an all out cut and weld with new piece?


Also trying to remover the rear axle shafts...does anyone know what size starbolt to use? Tried a T-40 and no good...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You could do a few things with that bent inner fender. Weld in a new piece of metal, replace the entire panel, or bang it out and repair it. It just depends on what kind of a job you want to do. I'd check the alignment to see if everything is running straight since your shock tower bolts in there.

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You need a 12 point not a torx

you should be able to get one from any of the vw parts sites or a local tool store

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Thanks you guys!!!!


Long way to go...but I have a Git-R-Done attitude!!

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I was getting a little discouraged by all the rust I am finding, but after seeing pictures of your project I feel a little better.  Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

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thats sure looks like one sad beetle....


Best of Luck...



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