I know this is stupid question, but can you tell if my VW is a super, standard, bug, khia, camaro, jaguar (hahah, kidding on the last 3). But really I have no clue what's the difference between each model. Help a dumb guy out please. It's a 71 I was told.
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This page will answer all your Super Beetle VS Standard Beetle questions.

Super Beetle FAQ

And this page will help you pick your model by VIN number.

Engine and chassic numbers
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thanks wayne! You're always a helper!
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 It looks like a 1302S Super Beetle made in 1971... I had one the same in the 70s... 
The front tire should lay flat - not vertical - If the spare is Vertical its a standard Beetle...

I noticed some holes in the tinware in the engine compartment..
these should be blocked off with a metal plate as the hot air from the engine can come thru these holes and get sucked into the engine again by the fan...
this can result in overheating... Make sure there are rubber boots on the spark plugs so that the cooling air cannot escape past the spark plugs...
All holes in the fan shroud should be blocked off to stop precious air from escaping...


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 I agree that it is a '71 year auto, by the two sets of louvers in the rear deck lid, the shape of the Hella tail lights and the general interior cues (save for the custom steering wheel, which is cool), etc.  It is not, however, a Super Beetle.

My Beetle is a '72 Super Beetle.  Compare the nose of my car to that of your pretty plumb-colored baby.  The trunk area of the Super Beetle is fatter than that of the Standard Beetle.  The fenders are somewhat larger and more pronounced, as well.  Also, a sometimes dead give away is the "grille" of louvers below the bumper line on the front clip (the body pannel that the trunk latches to).  These are all quick visual cues that, at a glance, tell you what sort of Beetle you're looking at... especially in the '71, '72 model years, which share just as much in common with Standard Beetles as they do their own type.

Further, if your trunk has no strut towers and the spare tire sits in an upright position in its well (rather than in a flat well below the trunk liner and in front of the gas tank, then you have a Standard Beetle, not a Super.

Beautiful car, none the less.  I'm envious, I must admit!  Nice California-style custom work done to her!  Very sah-weet!

Hope that helps,

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