I was turning around a corner when suddenly my engine just slowly died. I was not lugging it because I had the clutch in and now when I try to start it the engine is turning over but it seems like it is not pushing anything, it just sits and whines, you can turn the pulley by 1 hand. I don't hear any banging or anything just the starter.

Any Ideas??
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First guess... fuel... check pump, carb, jets, etc... Possibly a fue line came off (they usually arent clamped on (CLAMP THEM ALL). Fuel sounds like the most likely culprit.
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Dude I don't mean to be the barer of bad news, but when I blew some rings it did that, you would crank it and it would just spin, not chug, mis-fire at all. Compression Check! Good Luck!!!!! Hopefully I am wrong.
1972 1302S
dual 34 icts,Pertronix Points,Corbeau Seats, GT Exhaust, Lower front and rear sway-bars, Strut tower bar, Jacob's Elec. Ign., Empi Shifter, Front Disc Brakes & SS Brake Lines

1973 Squareback (1776cc, dual 40mm)
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do the compression check. especially if you can turn the crank with one hand.
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