I am restoring a '79 verte this winter (with help.  After disassembling, painting, and reassembling, my fuel pump stays on 100% of the time.  This occurs with ignition off...running the battery down. 


Nothing was changed to wiring.  I am assuming that something else changed...but I don't know what controls the fuel pump.  Is there a pressure sensor that could be calling for pressure...that is failing on? 


Your suggestions are appreciated.



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I have an official VW Electronic Fuel Injection training manual and it states, "The flow of the intake air moves the stator flap. The stator flap turns a potentiometer which sends a voltage signal to the control unit. The balance of the flap dampens the movement of the stator flap. A contact in the potentiometer operates the fuel pump when the stator flap is opened by air flow."

Sounds Greek to me

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so if the flap sticks, the pump stays on, I think

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Very very simple solution. Put a toggle breaker on the electrical to the pump. Mount this toggle somewhere trick, where it is hidden, and looks clean. It might be cool to have a panel with a few accessories on toggles. They look good in cars. Your car has a fuel return line, so it doesn't matter if it is jammed fully open... The unused fuel gets returned to the tank. If you go the toggle route, it is cheap, trick, and gets the job done. I will have toggles for all the lights, some trick effects I plan to have, etc.

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Solved the problem.  There is a Bosch double relay that had corrosion on one side.  Cleaned up and the system worked.  Just replaced with a new part via mail-order.


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