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Hi. I recently acquired a beetle from my aunt and can't seem to figure out what exact model it is. Can anybody help me with this? The registration is dated July 9, 1973. The engine number says AD744895 but I can't find that in your listing. The chassis number is 1132427459, which, if I follow your listing would be only a standard beetle. This is supposed to be a super beetle but if you open the front trunk, there seems to be a space between the bumper and the gas tank for a spare tire.'Would appreciate any help from anyone. Thanks.

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if the car has a spot to lay a tire flat in the front it has to be a super.. I dunno though maybe the p/o some how dropped a super body onto a  normal beetle frame but if you see there are strut towers.. Which are 2 black topped things that are fairly large under your hood. It has to be a super..

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73 if it's got a flat windshield and a beam front suspension it's a standard. I'm guessing it is since you said it's got the spare tire well.

If it's got a rounded windshield, strut front suspension, and the spare lays falt then it's a super.

Post some pics?

Also, check and see if the vin plate on the  pan under the back seat matches the one up front. If they match, at least you know someone didn't frankenstein a standard body on a super pan.

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