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 I would suggest a older chevy truck door  the metal is a schose thicker in the late 70s   So your doing a cab off, resto.  Thats even better.

A pipe bar from wheel well to wheel well  will do fine.. I would even spot welded it to a old set of stands.  The most inportant thing is to clean the metal shiney both were you weld and where you hook your ground cable.. to get good deep welds.

  . Dont be afraid to use aluminum rivots to hold patches in place  and you can drill them out one by one and spot weld fill the holes. thats where I do my zig zagging  above and beyond the lap welding.

 As  a rule zig zag first , then dolly hammer the patch in tight then weld up the laps. 

Thats also a real deal on the air compresser..
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