Hello I'm working on a 73 super and i have two questions it has the sports wheels on it and i know i got to rebuild the front end suspension like ball joints strut inserts and all but heres one of my question the top back side of the tire rubs the spring what is that cause from exactly??? And my second question is how is the best procedure to removing taking out a 73 super beetle original radio???

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Do you have over-sized tires or is your Beetle lowered? Clearance is sometimes a problem when you do these things.

These old  style radios come out from the back. Remove the tuning knobs and then the two flat nuts. You might have a trim cover that will come off as well. After that push the radio in-wards, disconnect the antenna and power supply, then remove it.
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There are quite a few different rims that use the "Sports wheel" center, they come in 4½" and 5½" width and various offsets ("ET" number). See what's stamped on the face of yours, you may have a mismatched one.
Do you have an early `73 with the 1302 suspension (big 3-bolt ball joints) or a late one with the 1303 pressed-in ball joints? The former requires a wheel with less backspace to clear the spring.
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