The car has a thumping that increases in frequency as the speed increases.  It sounds like it's coming from the back, but I'm not positive.  When the brakes (regular or park) are applied, the thumping stops.


Sometimes it doesn't make the noise at all, but once the thumping starts, it doesn't stop until the car is parked for awhile.


I'm stumped.  I checked the lugs, and they are torqued to spec.  There is no excessive lateral movement when I twist on the wheels, so I don't think it's the bearings.


I suspect it's something to do with the brakes, but I'm not sure.  Any ideas?



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Did you pull the drum off to see if anything has gone wrong with the brakes? Is it possible that the drum is out of round and is hitting on the shoes as it rotates?

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Well, now it quit making the noise.  Weird.

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I have had many car problems that fixed themselves, sometimes they even stay fixed.

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