I've begun my trip down the "fix-the-damn-shimmy" road. The VW shop said they were 99.9% sure replacing the lower rocker(?) arm bushings with new urethane bushings would do the trick. He showed me that you could see space through the old ones where they had worn away after 300,000 some miles. Anyway, he put in the new ones and reset the whole front end....half way home the shimmy monster was back. Decided to make sure the wheels were balanced and that isn't adding to the problem. Went to a place that balances on the car.....they wouldn't do it....showed me that my front tires are out-of-round. Went to tire shop where I got these 7 years ago...yipes...need new tires. Hope this will help. I want whitewalls but they're expensive If you can find them. Do those whitewall inserts work? And where can I buy some?
Loren R. Knapp
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Coker Tire has you portalwall kits Just type in a search.
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I've seen the inserts in a lot of shops, but the only ones I can think of that I'm positive carries them are Vintage Parts in Glendale Click Here and Bill and Steves in Downey Click Here I shop at both of these stores on a regular basis and have never had any problems with parts or service. I don't know how well inserts work, I put them on my shopping list right after I priced whitewalls. I asked Steve at Bill and Steves how they work and he told me you deflate the tire a bit and slip it on between the rim and the tire. sounds simple but it is probably a pain in the butt that's all I know about inserts hopefully someone else knows more

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