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It's actually the same thing, just manifesting itself differently.  BTW 70 Ft*lbs isn't enough, 4 lug rims need at least 90-95 lbs.
A little more on what I mean by indexing the rims.  First off this is a slow and tedious process that can take awhile to get good results.  Assuming that you're shaking right now, you know that the current index is bad.  Now pick a front wheel and remove it and reinstall it spun 90 degrees (1 lug nut) from it's current position.  Basically just remove all the nuts, spin the wheel on the drum and reinstall.  Now drive.  Did the shimmy get better or worse.  Make a note of it.  Now spin it another 90 degrees, better or worse again.  Do this with the wheel in each of the other three positions and decided which of the four total posistions was the best, install the wheel there.  Now do the other front wheel.  If you're lucky, you'll elminate the shimmies with no more effort than that.  If not, then you may need to start switching wheels front to back trying to get the ones with the best balance up front.  Once you've finally got rid of the shakes take a scribe and make indexing marks from the rim to the drum.  Provided you never replace either, you should always be able to reinstall the rims in their respective places and not have a problem with shaking, even if you have new rubber (tires) installed.  Just have the new tires balanced as usual and put them back on where they came off of and in the same position.  I've been doing this for over 6 years and haven't had the shakes come back once in over 4 sets of tires.  --Ryan

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Interesting.  I've been avoiding doing this because A.) the shimmy isn't always there, B.) I've totally switched tires and rims all the way around and it's the same, and C.) like Ches, it usually only shows up on left turns.   But, it's gotten a lot worse in the last 4 days (please don't make me use the brakes from 50-40!) so I better get to looking.
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Ryan, I tried the front wheel rotating the lug thing, and it worked!  Barely a shimmy!  Thanks for the tip!  I did get my wheels balanced, which did lessen the shimmy.  Then I took the wheels off to grease the front wheel bearings.  Well, I didn't put the wheels back on the way they came off, and ruined the balance!   Then I tried your trick and now it is barely noticable and is better than when I had the wheels balanced!  Thanks again!

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