Well I had mentioned that I lowered my beetle a while ago and hadn't posted any pics. Well I finally took some and here they are for you guys to see. I lowered it 3" in the front and left the back because I liked the way it looked... tires are rubbing on the fenders when ever someone heavier then 200lbs sits in the passangers seat, lol.

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Does anyone one know what to use to lower your ride 3" and it not rub?  That's a sweet a$$ look though.  You got a nice ride there, Bub.

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You're best bet on a super to avoid rubbing is researching your rim choice.  I had rubbing issues until I installed my 2.0 fuch rims.  They gave me an extra inch of offset I needed.


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That looks cool. I want to lower mine eventually too. Going from a monster truck setup to a lowered setup must be a big change...

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looks good i like it , my 73 super is lowered 2 1/2 " , and the rear is stock  i run 195-60r15 michelin's and they rub a little.

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I like the look. I plan on doing that to mine sometime soon.

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Wheels and tires make all the difference when it comes to rub. Rubbing the tires on the fender lips or the upper parts of the fender? Look for a lower profile tire. Rubbing on the inner our outer wells? Choose something narrower and/or tweak your backspacing + or - Obviously you can't narrow the beam on a super to  tuck the wheels in, so you've got to choose wisely when it comes to your wheels.

This is my standard running a 4" narrowed beam and drop spindles on 195/50x15's. I only rub the inner wheel wells when turning and the steering box is at the locks. I Have about 6" of drop in it right now, and I've got 2 more before the fenders are sitting on the tires (3 inches off the ground at this ride height).  If I can get it to handle and steer that well with a 4" narrow and drop, a 3" drop should be cake. If they make drop spindles for supers, that's 2 and a half inches right there, you could do the rest with adjustable struts.

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