I havent been part of the vw world for to long, but the day i bought my bug, i was ready to commence a fun experience, learning and doing as much as i could.

like any new vw owner i had tons of questions, and curiosities about my bug, but nobody really to turn to for info, AND then i found
and all that changed...
here i have found all the info i need and then some, it has been awesomely helpful.

i never thought id say, "hey, vw owners are some of the coolest nicest people out there"...

point being, i just wanna say thanks to all you forum' , al you guys have been a great help and are always kind & friendly enough to help a guy out...

so thanks guys you rock, i think anyone into cars would say so to..

so again thanks everybody for the help provided to each other. keep it up...

(ok enough with the mushy crap, lets go get some tools.. haha)

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that was beautyfull man
thanks , and anytime we can help just holler

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We just aim to please any VW owners...
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i love this place. Period.

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