Just wanted to post that I'm about to switch to 75w-140 syntheic gear oil in my trans.. I'll post my results but I've always heard it can increase mpg and during winter days make driving not feel like your towing something for the first 2 or 3 minutes.. I got everything to do it so I'm more then likely switching tommorow.. I'm pretty sure going from 80w to 75 shouldn't hurt anything.. But anyway just wanted to tell you all incase any of you all are thinking about it..

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I'm not sure about which grade to use but I've always heard good things about using synthetic oil in the trans. I've read about smoother shifting and increased MPG. I'm going to change mine in the spring.

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Welp I just got done.. I don't notice a super big difference but it seems to run smoother.. will see if its true or not that it doesn't make it feel thick and crap when you first start on a freezing cold morning.. since its going to be pretty cold tommorow morning.. It does seem to shift easier to.. Also if any of you decide to do it.. Have a vicescrip handy because if you use an alan key your going to have to clamp it on the side bolt and turn it that way.. Also if your filling it get the bottles with the pointed ends.. cut the tops off of them and take the hose that runs to the heat exchangers.. Then you will be able to pour it in a lot easier..

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Well it seems to of worked very well... No laggy transmission and it feels like I already drove and warmed it up..

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Yes, I've only heard good things about it...
I don't think going from 90 to 75 will change anything
I have a replacement gearbox to fit into My beetle soon
and I've already filled it with 75-90 synthetic transmission oil
Castrol syntrax -
its recommended for Porsche it should be OK..
in a VW transaxle...
it really makes a difference in type 2s
as they are heavier...
shame its so expensive though....
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