I have a vacuum advance distributor and I am wondering if someone can tell by the numbers if this unit is the coveted SVDA (or equivilent)


the numbers on the side of it are  Bosch 0 231 167 070  other numbers are VW 113 905 205 AN


It has 2 vacuum ports on it, one in front of the pot, one behind it. I am looking at possibly replacing an 009 with this one, but want to know if it would be worth it. ( the 009 is about 10 years old, but in very good shape) this vacuum one is ?? years old.

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You've got a 72-73 distributor. If it's got 2 vaccum ports then it's a DVDA, or dual vaccum. Here's a link to Old Volks Home. The link goes to their distributor page but the site itself has a lot of useful info.


That'll tell you what year, what application, what replaces it, etc..

If you click on the link per distributor, it'll also tell you the correct cap, button, everything you need.


Good luck.



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Excellent! Thank You!!
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