i have a 73 super beetle. The suspension is nearly stock. I want to fit 205/40/17's under my fenders. What will I need to do that?

73 super beetle
Gene Berg 2213cc
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Would you like to be able to actually steer the car, too? It'll be tight up front; rims with enough backspace to keep the outside of the tire inside the fender will cause the inner sidewall to hit the beam, control arms, and swaybar when you turn sharply. It's become popular lately to narrow the front beam on a Standard beetle to allow more room inside for wide tires, but the clearance at the rear of the tire isn't improved any - the back of the tire will still rub on the body/pan if the steering box stops aren't turned in to limit the turning circle. I have a stock-width beam and 205s and had to give up over half a turn of steering wheel motion to keep them from rubbing on the beam; trimming and rewelding the edges of the shock towers will reclaim most of that. At stock ride height the tires would just fit inside the fenders and not hit them when turning; to allow for lowering the suspension I went to Creative Car Craft widened fenders.
In the rear there's much less to worry about - with the right rim offset the tires will fit comfortably inside stock fenders but you must check the sidewall clearance to the upper bumpstop on the chassis and the springplate-to-diagonal arm bolts. You may need to grind some off of the edge of the stop and shorten the head of one bolt on each side to allow room for the tire to flex in corners without rubbing on them.
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Of course, you have a strut suspension, so all you need to worry about is narrower struts to fit wider tires in the front.  You may have some interference problems with a bolt on the ball joint too.  Check out the Maxx Struts from Topline, or some Kercher struts if you are richer than me. 

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