Does somebody knows if it is possible to replace one McPherson suspension  from a standard Beetle suspension?
Because the one of my 74 Super Beetle are very damaged, and I want to replace it, and I have understood that standard Beetle suspension are more resistant.


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Don't even try it. You mess up the geometry even one little hair, and I will tell you, the car will never track straight again. The strut suspension rides better, but sure, it can gbe expensive every once in a while. If you REALLY want standard suspension, go out and buy a rolling chassis sans engine and tranny.

73 Super Beetle
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The McPhearson front end on my 73 Super allows me to turn in a 3' smaller radius than a standard bug.  So I've been told anyway.



Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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Anything's possible if you have the money and time, but with the amount of work needed to change the front ends out you could buy an entire standard beetle in good condition. Maybe even two. Almost none of the parts are interchangeable and the frame head that the front end bolts to is different so you would have to start there by cutting yours out and replacing it. Beyond that, I don't know. I don't know that anyone has ever changed one out. Not much of an answer, I know, but it's the best I've got.

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