Hi All,

I'm a new member to this forum from Victoria, BC. I am currently working on the ground-up resto of a 74 super. The body is in decent shape but the chassis needs some major work done to it (heater channels and floor pans replacement). Since this is my first resto project, I would highly appreciate any advice on how to get started.. Right now, I'm simply stripping the interior (shortly the exterior as well) in order to assess how much rust I'll be dealing with..

BTW, I was wondering if anyone has ever ordered anything from http://www.bugzone.net. I've seen that the prices are quite competitive but I'm not sure about the quality of the products though..

Many thanks in advance..
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I started resto on a '76 Super Convertible about 6 months ago, and I ordered a couple of "Bug me Videos". Specifically the ones for heater channels and floor pans. These videos are GREAT! I would recommend them to anyone getting started on a VW project. I bought a '61 about 3 weeks ago, and also purchased the wiring video. I haven't watched it yet but I'm sure it is just as GREAT as the rest. As a matter of fact, Rick Higgins (author of videos) has a lot of information in the tech area on this web site.

Good luck!

Eric L.
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Thanks for the advice..
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