Hello all,
Just looking for some help with my VW beetle rebuild.

I have rebuilt my engine with new plugs, electronic distributor, leads, a new coil and new dual port Weber carburetor. The engine runs, but then after 15 minutes when revving up it started misfiring. Please see the link to the video below to hear how it sounds:

Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem can be?

Many thanks in advance.
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Does the carbs have an automatic choke? If they do, the problem could be the engine is running lean when the chokes opens up.
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You have a vacuum advance that is not hooked up on the side of your distributor, either hook it up or go to a 009 distributor

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Any update, OP? My friend is having the same problem on his rebuilt engine.
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Perhaps a systematic check
Valve clearances.
Choke function.
Air leak in the intake manifold. If runs good when choked (rich) a bit of extra air can be accompdated?!
Spark plugs and wires.
static timing and degree of advace with revs.
My 5 pence worth.
Good luck.
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