just wondering about front susp. for offroad i.e. fire roads and gravel

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Don't waste a good super. The front suspension on the standard bug was and is great for off roading. Even with out modification it'll take jumps, potholes, driving over reasonably large rocks and trees with out any real problems, but try that with a super and you'll be walking home. If you can, just park your super next to a bug with the older style suspension and compare the two and you will see why the older style is the stronger setup. This is not to say that your super will not handle gravel roads but, it was not build for the kind of sustained abuse that you are talking about.
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Well I just received the January 2010 issue of Hot VWs, and there is a story on replacing the struts with A-arms (popular with American cars).  It's on page 48. I can be done on a Standard chassis, but a Super is more suitable.

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