Hello, everyone. I am currently tightening the front suspension on my 73 super. New Control Arm, Stabilizer Bar and Idler Arm bushings. Tie rod ends and steering dampener. However for the life of me I cannot get the right (facing the car from the front) tie rod end out of the steering bar. The left side was no problem as there is enough room to tap on the end of the tie rod end while prying on it with a pickle fork. On the right side the master brake cylinder is in the way. It is to stuck to remove with the pickle fork alone. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I just went through this on my 73 Super. There is a tool at AutoZone called a tie rod end puller. You can pay for this, use it return it, and get all your money back. I think it's part #27022. You turn it with a wrench or a 3/8" drive. There can be a lot of pent up energy in using this tool, and it can let go with a loud noise, but it works, much better than the tried-and-true pickle fork. If you don't have an AutoZone, you might find this tool elsewhere, but you'll have to pay for it.
You might try soaking the stuck joint with PB Blaster or some kind of penetrating oil, and put the nut back on the ball joint, but loosely, and put a scissors jack under it to push up on the joint while you whomp away on the pickle fork. Heating the arm around the ball joint will certainly loosen it, if none of the above works.
I found that some previous owner managed to force a left hand thread ball joint in the right hand thread part of the tie-rod shaft. It's really, really hard to turn.
Hope this helps.

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Sometimes you just have to remove the gas tank to get to the inner ends... no fun and no smoking!
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