Ok, besides the Mcpherson struts in the front and a few cosmetic (body) differences, what else is different between a Standard Beetle and a Super Beetle?  Are the engines the same?  Tranny?  Rear suspension?

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Other than the obvious body stuff, they are the same car. The later year standards, I should say, are basically the same. They both have the 1600cc engines. The later models had F.I. and higher gears in the tranny, allowing it a higher top speed. Not like flying, but faster by Beetle standards. I believe this is true of both models. I don't know of any real differences other than the body and struts.

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The 1302S had the flat dash and windscreen same as a standard...

but the front fenders and bonnett & front bumper were different...


The 1303S had the curved windscreen and different dash and bonnett etc...


Supers are the same as standards from the door hinges back....


All had the same engines in Australia & the US etc...

but in Europe the 1200 was still available as a standard....


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