My speedometer stopped working the other day, after over 20-years in my hands. Checked the repair manuals, (I have at least-7), went to and called local bug shops for parts, and prices: cable, speedo, dust cover.  So I asked Jose at Bloggets Bug Barn in San Bernardino.  He said, "Start with the small and easy stuff first. Lift front left wheel off the ground, dis-connect the cable at the speedo to see if it turns while the tire is turning.  If the cable does not turn check the bearing dust cover where the square cable goes in the square hole in the dust cover."  Yep, my hole was round not square.  $5.99, we're counting miles again  Just my $.02

1972 Super, daily driver over 21-years. June 9, 2011 new case Brazil "041" with rebuilt German heads, all stock 1600, new generator, starter, clutch/plate/throw-out, new German 34-pict-3, 1973 Air Filter(paper element), German stock exhaust. 4K+ on engine, 24-29 mpg.
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well My speedo needle has been bouncing about now & then. so I have a new cable to instal..
but I will have to check the dust cap first



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