Years ago I remember an article in one of the VW rags about a place that took your old speedometer plus $125 and gave you a fully reworked and redone speedometer. I need one as well as a friend - we both have 1974 Super Beetles. Does anyone know where I can get them repaired? Thanks for the help!
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Check out the tech section on the site. There is an excellent article on restoring your speedo. We have done 2 this year and they look great.
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Hey thanks for the tip. I didn't realize there was a tech article on it. I read it and it seems quite involved but doable. Thanks!

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Just pay attention to the location of the needle when you are dismantling it
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Plus the needles break very easily... too...
Pulling the speedometer apart isn't too difficult either, I have done a few...
Best of luck...

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