Hey guys, I've got a question, do they make an adapter for the speedometer when the tire size is changed?  I've got a 74 Super and wanted to go with bigger tires, not sure what size yet, but a friend of mine has a sand rail based on a late 60s early 70s standard bug chassis.  He has 235/75 tires on the front which leads to the purpose of this question.  Is there and adapter that can be purchased so he can use the stock speedo cable?  Or do we have to figure out something different?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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As far as I know, no. Someone going to a 16" or 17" rim from a 15" will install a lower profile tire to keep the same overall outside diameter so the speedo will be close.

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I have heard of VW owners over here getting their speedo Recalibrated for the size of the tires/wheels they are using..

You would need to go to an instrument repairer...

at least one who can do VDO speedos....


its a shame the speedo face isn't rotateable, so We could just turn it to the spot We want....   lol...






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