Some time way back there was some discussion about VW turn signals.  Someone wrote to say that theirs did not self cancel.  I joined in that mine didn't either.  I had an old Mercury van from back in this era and the signals were do-it-yourself.  Last week I installed my new ignition switch and while I had the steering wheel off I gave the signal switch a good cleaning ( still sandblasting grit in there 5 years later)  and lubrication with WD 40.  When the whole works was back together again, I discovered that I had accidentally returned the signal switch to self-cancelling operation !  So at least with a '72  Super they are self cancelling and a little cleaning and lube can do it for you.
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My 66 Ghia has self canceling turn signals,and the old 66 bug that I had also had them.I don't know how far back in years that they put self canceling switches on but I have seen them on a 62 model also.They do get a little sticky from time to time and a little bit of lube goes a long way in fixing the problem.
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