I have stripped the seats out of my 73 Super, received front replacement seats cleaned and painted, sandblasted the rear seat and painted, Now I am looking for new seat upholstery not the ones that pull over the old seat covers. Seats are down to bare frames 


Has anybody out there had and experience with replacing the covers using hog rings but at a reasonable price. I know there is lots of covers in the catalogs but which ones are worth what you pay.....? Which MFG..

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I've had the seat covers off my Beetle and you're going to have to work with hog rings and strings that tighten to hold the covers in place. I'd look at Sewfine or TMI for the product.

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Hi Wayne,
I believe He's saying all He has is the seat frame...
No padding etc....
Probably best to go to an Auto upholsterer to have the seats repadded etc...
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Lee, Actually I think I am going with a injection-molded seat padding I will also replace the cotton undercovers that cover the metal itself. Also leaning towards changing the color to black. Already knew I would be working with the hog rings bought a kit awhile back knowing I was going down this path.
    It was the quality of covers I have seen in question and the description sometimes is not clear of its application....Did buy a original replacement radio looks really good
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You found a replacement radio? I would love to find an original radio for my '72 SB. I am afraid to ask, but did you find it on eBay? There is a dude here in Florida that takes old radios, guts them, and puts in modern circuitry. Basically the radio maintains its original look, but it is capable of RXing satellite radio, mp3 player connections, etc. I think he is kind of pricey though, but not outrageous. I have other things to worry about right now, such as my exhaust, but eventually I would really love to get an original AM radio to put in my ride.

72 Super Beetle
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Yes I found a original radio, The guy I bought the VW from gave me the old radio so I knew what came out of it thinking there were many different models, Mine was a "SAPPHIRE XVIII. The guy stated he refurbished it thinking that means he cleaned it. I did find one other I e-mailed the guy a question and got a SMART ASS answer back, So I do not do transactions with AO's but here is his ad he wanted $50 at first plus it came with a speaker it looks pretty good. Now he is looking for a offer I would tell him to keep speaker cost extra in shipping weight besides the speaker is old.  

Saffire XVIII Radio w/ speaker (12V)Ad number: 364703
Full size
Saffire XVIII Radio w/ speaker (12V)   Price: OFFER
Used /working 12v Saffire XVIII radio w/ good speaker......

Call or email.... THX's
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