Hi All!

Kevin here in Riverside, CA with a 1971 super beetle.

I have question about my seats, and it's driving me a little crazy. I can't figure out how to take the seat recline assembly apart (please see my pics below)

I've taken the seats (mostly) apart, and took the frames to the powder coater.
The powder coat guy said that before he can clean and powder coat them I must finish taking them all apart (including the recline mechanism). He thinks that part labeled A is plastic, and the stripping process will destroy it. I think I agree it's plastic, but not sure it'd be destroyed, if they're careful.

Anyway, how do they come apart? I have hammered away with a screw driver and an allen wrench in the hole labeled B and its not budging. The pin head (on the opposite side labeled C) is not moving either. is this the correct way to disassemble it?
Is it a pin, a split pin? A nail? is it welded? Is it supposed to come out? What the hell is going on? There's gotta be a trick to this!
VW Seat mechanism#1.JPG  VW Seat mechanism#2.JPG 
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OK, I'm going to answer my own question because I figured it out, and because I found nothing online that described this mechanism, and how to disassemble it.

The pins are weird little pointy nails with semi-thread swirls on them (see pic).
I had to pound them out from the pointy end, and I will re-point them with the grinder before re-assembly. You need a punch with a blunt end because a screw driver will only wedge in. A light tap should dislodge the end cap from the bar after the pin/nail is removed.

Once I got it apart, I took pictures of all the pieces together (see below).
Be sure and take pictures, as there are lots of mirror-image pieces that can make re-assembly confusing if you do both seats.
VW Seat mechanism#4.JPG  VW Seat mechanism#3.JPG 

Riverside, CA
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Glad to see you got it sorted out. Did you get it all reassembled again?
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UPDATE: Since someone asked... Below is a before/after split pic after powdercoating.

Got seat together OK. Took a little while to figure it out, but that's the fun of it I guess. I have all the padding and replacement parts now for the seats except the seat upholstery itself. Still trying to decide on the color scheme. But going to go with Sewfine.com (shh...they don't know yet).

Also, a little sneak peak at the auto body shop. Painting is coming along on the body, all the interior painting is complete, the outside will be next. She's going to be a beauty!

Split before and after seat mechanism.jpg  Painted inside body.jpg
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