The seat belt buckle on my Beetle was always on the floor of the car and hard to find. Honda sells a little button that you push through the material that will keep the buckle at shoulder level so you can just reach over and grab it.

Contact your local Honda for the part. It's about $3.00 and you'll need two.

04814-SP0-305ZA - Black
04814-SP0-305ZB - Red
04814-SP0-305ZC - Taupe
04814-SP0-305ZD - Ivory

Wayne Dean
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Isn't that the same thing they have for the new VW's. Our 00" jetta has them   That reminds me I have to get some of those.

Mark, Dorinda, and Wilbur
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i don't know if i'm talking about the same thing but, my new retractible front seat belts from cip1 came with a little 3 prong plastic piece that holds up the buckle.


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