Holey Moley!!!!!! Installing the window scrapers is no joke. I have metal slices all over my thumbs and index fingers, I have broken one of my new inner scrapers, I have blood all over my door, and I have scratched my paint. You guys weren't kidding when talking about the stress levels of installing new scrapers. It would be nice if I had a few junk doors that I could have practiced on first. The inner scrapers went in just fine. I have only done the outer scraper on the driver side door, but that was a struggle trying to get that metal to bend properly with the curves of the door. I had it looking halfway decent and was in the process of congratulating myself on doing it in under 2 hours. Then putting back the vent wing reared its ugly head. The fit was too tight, so I had to struggle with the vent wing post. When I started making progress with it, or so I thought, I happened to notice my inner scraper was all bent back and the first clip was broken off. While I was doctoring on that, and still trying to maneuver the wing, I failed to notice the front portion of the vent wing was banging and scraping against my door. The only salvation in all of this, the guy that did my paint already had a few touch up places to do. I asked him if he would take care of those spots before I brought the bug home. It was then that he bestowed upon me knowledge that really didn't become clear until yesterday. He said, "Nope. I am not going to do the touch up spots yet. You are going to bang it and scratch it about a million times putting it all back together. Take it home, put it together, and then I can do all of the touch up spots at one time."

I figured I would share this with the forum. Anyone that has installed their own scrapers and knows what I am going through can get a good laugh about it. Anyone that is about to install their own scrapers can look at what I am going through and prepare themselves mentally. I still don't know how to  put in window scrapers, but I have learned it takes A LOT of patience, definitely something I don't have. But I took the night off, got up early this morning, had a good breakfast, and I am about to take another round with them. A few deep breaths, and here I go...

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Ah ha!  I knew there was a good reason why I had my VW mechanic do that last year.  He told me it was a bear todo.  I guess he was right and reading about your ordeal.

Thank God for good v-dub guys.



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