friday afternoon going home, my car started running rough, missing and all kinds of silly stuff. luckly i was only 5 min. from home . got it home and smelled raw gas ,opened up the rear decklid and gas was all over the drivers side of the engine. the first thing i thought was fuel line to my left carb. but it was ok, so i pulled the carb off and the bolt/threaded plug for the bowl was missing. i guess it worked loose and fell out onto the shelf area in the engine compartment . i know it was tight, so this time i puty a new washer and a dab of lock-tight. i don't know why but it didn't catch fire or even smoke , i guess some-one was looking over me .


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You got lucky there.

One day I started my Super up and was letting it idle in the garage. Then I heard a sound like a garden hose. I looked under my car and gas was spraying out from the hose connected to the fuel pump. It had rubbed on the pan for years and wore through. Why did it happen in the garage rather than when I was cruising down the highway? I guess I got lucky too.
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