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I'm not sure what they use in Lee's neck of the woods but most fish oil based primers in the States should be available at any Marina supply store.

I don't think I've ever seen just the fish oil itself for sale allthough I can fully understand the image it puts in your head eithout the word primer or paint after it.

I certainly remember the old stuff we used when i was in the military stunk like hell for about a week and then any time you welded around any area painted with it it would really stink even many years after it was applied.

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Hey all,


I appreciate all of the help.  So fish oil isn't just an oil you rub on the metal, but it's also additive included in paint and primers?  Do I have that right?  It's going to be hard to find a marine supply store here in Arizona, but I but I can find a supply store on-line.  Any recommendations?



So Long and thanks for all the fish!
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Hi Nathan,

Fish Oil .

yes its more like a thin clear paint...

but it runs into cracks crevises etc.. 

its sold in all hardware stores in Australia...

under the killrust brand, but also sold in all Auto shops too...

even most large stores like K Mart sell it too...

so You should be able to buy it somewhere...


I Guess,




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