Hi all,

I've recently begun stripping my car to prep it for modifications etc. I've got all the inside stripped and I've noticed some rust in the following places.
bottom of rear window both sides - its been patched/welded down to the parcel tray.
bottom of rear wheel well where the body meets the pan, inside and out both sides
bottom of front wheel well where the body meets chasis, been patched on one side
these all look like areas I can patch up with a grinder, metal and a lil welding ...however...I looked under the bonnet up where the rear window is under the vents  and it is rusted away, the metal is paper thin in some parts where it all meets and pretty much gone everywhere else...
How do you patch this area up, do people normally just cut away the rear of the car and replace? cant see how I could get in there to grind/weld? Is it important that I should address it, or just dont look up there?

I might try to get some pictures of it if that helps?

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The first question is how far do you want to go with your Beetle? If you are restoring it then you should fix that area. If there is a chance that poisonous exhaust fumes could enter the cabin, fix it.

A picture of the rusted area would help too!


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Hi Wayne and Bumpie,


I have seen rust in the areas You mention, excepting below the rear window looking from under the engine deck lid...

Many beetles who live out in the weather and aren't washed and waxed on a regular basis, eventually start rusting...

as the paint thins and once there is a bare spot.. the rust attacks...

You may also have rust under the rear window rubber and between the rear window and the rain channel... this is common in late model bugs..


From What you have said... Paper thin steel would have to be replaced.

so the complete rear section from halfway up the rear window down to the engine bay area, would have to be replaced...

that is - depending on how far down or Up the rust has gone... doesn't sound too good to Me..

This isn't a hard job to someone who has done this sort of this before..

There are many people who can do this...

Most Beetle owners cannot...

Naturally You need to know what You are doing... as the roof really holds a beetle together and stops it bending in the middle..


If the rust is bad, I have seen where an entire roof section has been replaced... from center of windscreen to below the air vents...


Best of Luck


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some pictures now... hopefully they will shed some light on the matter. I dont need this car to be a show car I just need it to be solid so it may be that I dont worry about bits of this at all...?

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I am not sure how much you bought this car for, and that could be consideration for keeping it, but that rust around the rear window looks nasty.  Most of the other areas can be fixed with repair panels, but that area doesn't really have repair panels available unless you find a donor beetle.  If you can do the bodywork and welding yourself than that will cut the cost way down but if your planning on having it done my recommendation for what it is worth is to look for another more solid car.


I bought a '73 and ended up selling it because the rust was more than I could handle.  Now I have a '74 that has a little rust around the rear window area but the rust of the car is solid.

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