I know this looks bad, but want to know if it's a fixable item or should I give up and move on?  I know you can buy a quarter panel but could this be filled and made solid?  The rusted spots are actually solid although they look worse in the picture.  New to this and looking for guidance.

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No need to give up on the car because of that. Just cut the rust back to where you have good solid metal and weld in a panel. Maybe one from a doner if you could find one.

There are a lot of vendors that sell replacement panels for that area too. Here's one for starters:


Hope this helps you out.
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I fix this area alot of times if you need a donor panel let me know.

saving as many as I can
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Just a reminder:

Do business with this guy at your own risk.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the saga of the thief, Mario
Gavazzi doing business as "Vintage Works" amd using the name
"Kafertoys" on the web - here is a short rundown:

The Samba feedback for Mario (15 pages after being culled through many
times - all negaative): http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=96792

A site that had to be created especially to warn folks away from Mario
with documented proof of one of Mario's earlier thefts:

Local news video coverage of one of Mario and Sherry's latest thefts:

Mario is now permanently flagged as a thief on Richard Atwell's site
(a highly respected venue - look for "Caveat Emptor"): http://www.ratwell.com/

The documented saga of Joan's bug, one of Mario and Sherry's more
blatant crimes: http://metwiz.com/joansbug.htm

We know of literally dozens of people who have been shafted by Mario
and Sherry. This is very well documented. It was proven beyond any

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Its sad how hard I've worked to save as many of what I know are the most pratical cars ever made and that includes the 74 super.  I am well respected in my community along with and from businesses here in the automotove field. There hasn't been one show where one of my DRIVER restorations hasn't one at a show.
I can only say I have stalkers with low self esteem that have problems dealing with reality. 

saving as many as I can
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