My '73 Super Beetle has rust bubbles between the rear sid vents and rear vent under the rear window. How do I repair this? I was told that I could not weld a patch in that location because I would set the car on fire.


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I have the same rust this is very common in the Supers.  The reason why it could catch fire is they put foam(probably why it rusts) in the body in the rear area around the vents.  You have to remove the foam or keep a fire extinguiser handy while welding.

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You may be able to push the foam out with a long screwdriver or piece of heavy wire....
from the top of the engine bay...
Many people in australia have the side vents filled in to stop any further rust....
even the early beetles had the foam pumped in up there to help stop the engine noise...
You can get foam now that doesn't burn....
spray up there with good quality fish oil...
Lee Noonan

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