I need any ideas that I can get. 

My 71SB is running bad.  So far, I have re-built the carb, replaced points, coil, rotor, distributor cap, and plugs and adjusted the timing and the fuel pump puts out about 1/4 gallon running around 1500 -2000 rpm in a couple minutes.

The first problem is that it won't idle at all.  I checked the float level and it looks pretty good, and have to get the bypass screws out around 5 turns just to get it to idle around 800 rpm. 

What could be going on here and what else can I check?

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated.

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Sounds like you have a vac leak, compression problem, or maybe your idle shut off valve thing is messed.. Vac leaks will cause a lean condition thus causing your engine to need a lot more fuel to run correctly and vws HATE vac leaks.. Mine has one that will seal up after running it for a little bit.. But when you frist start it will refuse to idle.. Compression will drink gas like crazy and you will have no power.. My car gets around 12 to 14 mpg because i have bad comp in cyc #3.. check those 2 things out..

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