Almost done the rewire on our 72 Vert... need a bit of guidance.

The starter wire from the front comes out near the voltage regulator. Where does it route from there? Does it go through the firewall where the main power lead is? (from the battery to the starter? )

Also the "charging" lead off the Volt Regulator to the batt just lay across the "tunnel"?


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Sorry, I can't help as I have completely rewired My Beetle...

but You can see the wiring diagrams at :

Scroll down past the bus type 2 section until You get to 1972 1302

Super Beetle....

If this doesn't help Marc Vellat may be able to help, as He knows His Beetles...

unless someone else here has a 72 1302S Beetle or Karmann 1302S


The wiring You are after may NOT be the same on Sedans....

as Karmann actually made the convertible Bodies, NOT Volkswagen, they only made the chassis & running gear....


Best of Luck


Lee Noonan   68AutoBug    Australia


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Thanks Lee...

Yeah, had the diagram and know where the wires hook up... just not sure which route these two wires take to get where they need to go.
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starter wires goes through on the drivers side near tunnel (don't forget to use a groomet) other wire does lay accross tunnel .

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