The Tire Rack recommends 205/45-16 for 1973 Volkswagen Beetle but has no listing for wheels. You could try asking this question in the forum at GermanLook.com
Wayne Dean
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Hi all, great forum first off, secondly I am looking to hear from everyone and what is the biggest rim and tire package on thier cars. I currently have 195-45-15's on my lowered 73 super but i would like to go a lil wider and a lil taller if i can. i will roll the fenders to allow for clearance but i am curious as to what my limitations may be....?
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I'm running 145's on the front and 215/65' on the rear with Porsche 2L fuchs (5" offset)
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The front will be much more limited, you can get narrow struts to allow more clearance, but I think on the earlier bugs there is a bolt on the ball jont that becomes a problem. I have never been able to find anything about wheels and tires for old bugs and porsches on the big tire sites
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