I just bought a professionally rebuilt and complete 1600cc engine to go into a 74 standard beetle my son is working on for $900.00. With it came a 73 super beetle that a local car club was restoring.  The club wanted to move on to another project and needed the space. The problem is that everything except the wiring harness has been removed from the body so that the car could be painted. I got it in the primer stage.


Originally we were not going to do anything with the car since we only needed the engine but now we would like to restore it since the club has it in exellent condition. My question is this. Is there a site or other resource that would guide us in reassembling the thousands of peices of this car? Incidentally, it is an atuo stick and we want to put one of our manual transmissions in it. Is that a fairly straightforward swap or something I should avoid? Thanks for any help or advice.

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Hey there,


 Sounds like you got a sweet deal there. If I am not mistaken the flywheels on the autosick are different "may not be though just check." Other than that it should just slide right out and manual right in.. You also have to put in another clutch,brake,gas cluster. They can be baught used. Anyway you will need one because the autoshift has ony two.. Then you run a clutch cable to the new tranny and that should be it.. Nothing really that special.. If your club has restored these kinds of cars they would be able to help you more than any internet website.. I would also reccomend buying a Bently Publishers manual for around 35.00... That will help ya with the tranny and the engine work. And also some of the body and most of the interior believe it or not.. Take care good luck..



               This is just my opinion on this please don't hold me to it.. Check on the flywheel compatibility before you go changing these items.



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The flywheels are definately different.  You need a standard shift flywheel, clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, and throw out bearing.  New clutch cable and a standard shift pedal cluster.  Everything will bolt in without any mods.  If you get stuck on something on re-assembly, just post it up and we will get you through it.  There is a lot of knowledge on this site. good luck.
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