Anyone ever replace the steel fuel line that runs through the tunnel from the front firewall to the rear transmission area? If so, where is a good source for those steel lines? Could I just use a steel brake line?

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Ok. I'm answering my own question here with some info I found doing a google. I like this approach because it doesn't involve cutting into the tunnel section. Thanks to who ever originally posted this over on the Samba site:

First off, you don't need to cut any holes in your pan. If the body is still on the car you will need to remove the following items to use the existing access holes. Remove the front bumper and the front access cover in the framehead, remove the pedal assembly, shifter and inspection cover under the rear seat. Last of all you will need to remove the large bolt at the rear of the vehicle that secures the trans bracket on the tube that the fuel line comes out of. This will allow you a hole to look in when running the new line.

Secnod, The fuel line is not welded inside the tunnel, it is held in place by 2 tabs that are bent around the tube. One is located just rear if the pedal access hole and the other is accessible thru the rear inspection hole and is where the rear frame tube is attached to the pan. You can reach the rear one with a screw driver to bend it open slightly. The front one is a little harder. I took a 4 ft long piece of 1/4 inch square steel tube, from Home Depot, and hammered the end flat. I reached through the front access hole and bent the strap open with it. Be patient.

Third. I broke off the existing fuel pipe where it exits the frame in the front and rear and used a screw driver to push the tube into the frame. Then, I worked the old tube out of the frame through the pedal access hole using a pair of channel locks and pryed against the opening to leverage the tube out the hole.


Now you have the old fuel line out. If you put a trouble light in the rear access hole facing foreward you can look into the frame from the front access hole and you will see where to route the new fuel line.

Buy a 25ft roll of 1/4 inch steel fuel line at the auto parts store. Roll it out on the floor and tape the end to keep dirt out of it. Feed it into the frame through the front opening and don't worry about getting it in the clip until the end. Once it reaches the rear inspection hole you will have to bend it slightly to guide it down the rear tube. Turn your light in the rear inspection hole to face down the rear tube and you can look in the tube through the trans mount bolt hole. Once the tube is at the opening in the frame, use a long thin philips screw driver or any long roung object that you can fit into the fuel line. Reach into the tube with the 1/4 inch square steel piece you got at home depot, and gently lift the fuel line up towards the opening and stick the philips screw driver in thru the frame opening into the end of the fuel line. This will act as a guide for the line to follow up and out the hole. Now go back to the front of the vehicle and push the line in and it will come out the rear hole very nicely. Push about 1 foot of extra out the rear frame hole to allow you to have extra for working the front into the hole. Do not cut the extra off yet.

Go to the front of the vehicle and cut the tube with a tube cutter, Make sure you can get your philips screw driver in the end of it so you can guide it out the frame hole like you did the rear.


Go to the rear and pull the line unti the end of the tube up front is aligned with the hole in the frame and gently lift the line using the 1/4 inch steel tube and insert the philips screw driver in the frame opening and into the fuel line. Go to the rear and push the fuel line back into the frame and it should pop out the front hole.


Now you can adjust the tube inside the frame so it's in the straps you bent open. Use the 1/4 inch steel tube to pry the front clip back closed around the fuel line.


With your tube cutter, cut the front and rear tube so you have about 4 inches sticking out. You can adjust this length later for the perfect fit.


Place the new rubber fuel line grommets over the fuel line an into the frame holes.


Reinstall your inspection cover, trans mount bolt, front access hole and front bumper and you have a new fuel line installed just like new without cutting up you car. It took me 3 hours by myself with my car body still on my 66 vert. If the pan is off the car, it's even easier.


It's not a bad job, just be patient and take your time. 

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